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State "Yes" or'No" and then give a short but complete explanation of how you came to your conclusion in this box. i[8sv-s= a--turp r<5 ln <h'tS case' ctLn ocLuh Yoca!!, w Se[f - hoporb esgecvd!$ g^ce- Lr*A aLe- deunn"A u"V sqm \/dCeshe. CX?osure' Ynr*J ha'rNarP' ullec<r3 futten<g Wrrc"t on )Veirestrn^Ai1n 4-gosez(gt '-' -- 4>r. : -{4u2,
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Unformatted text preview: n ' (Qi+ Qzni Lav---\ . --1al&lt;tv4_ Lhtr jSo r,rrCos: /.++ex (useJ het&lt; ynpYe Y&quot;&lt; il+ht,,gyt di vnu wL c(^h cort^art. ':rr:fisf*.^m,n d* w6un-, t^i\,et, e5{-t}r,rtc5 Vt&quot;t s&lt; SYelti'tr{'fr ahe ',\oLu.-r'Sl ed) mrs.b,,.s;$i&quot;cawiun qi- Jisq^s'e- x Keozu'e-I{SCT ??O Acsionrnenf #1 Snrino ,O1O-n?-1n D^^-O^f1n...
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