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qM .frln flE Blanl$ Contined.-. ifh.sechai Viravoidyc used these strotegies to see d 90% decrease in the incidence @f HfV infections in Thailond: ?vom&t 6 en olovn aqe i n n+!lt<- r).5 : hetcl sym(o€iqrnj oh 4tUS / HIV /'-1 d -. S' V r.. ' fgffi: Chr.l.u^ to*';os the first dise"r"i" hove o voccine. fi lj. The first coses of whot is now HIVIAIDS we?e ?eported in this type of study: /f t Ae mia{ogJ
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Unformatted text preview: x in this Yeor within 5 yeors for the mork). / 4 64 < (answer must be 1k. The epidemiologist who discovered the couse of the-cholw,pidemics in London in ./ 1854 wos nomed {ot'n SnoW " . His grand exPeriment identified thot tle- Vifwl S?rcad fonr tAc f i . Prior to this discovery, in*cc{t o tr5' r"'rl l\1' ; ond D5 a^r( s6e s<x r .r-1 ( \ /J lL-Csht,-ase-ftion s...
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