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,t EPIDEMI OLOGY & PUBLIC HEALTH Question 10: Lisa is wotching the PBS speciol' Rx for Survivol' Describe the strotegy the. .smotlpgx-{crriql{-used to combot smallpox in Nigerio in the i:'''- ,:, |, *.. :, z smquPe -'o,dr-r-r'.E-srvY ' lr s use,J irlunltersr, -to idew;tff Ln ar),er <c) ctD\ bo-t Shall (4 ' t'rzc"l-riot r.r o^tlau4c "h;;J n.L hs.os1 ^hd li,cJd tu s?rcei Jisg^s-L-:!l 9!/QE , obP- t" conirL:ly ilr^J-;-h r^:e *#" sar suall@*,,i#,i &ki,.-&,s, / Il-'iTlTli' iiro "tptoins thot tX"t" crre at leasf four c opplicotions/uses of epidemiology' Whot are two? Support each opplicotion using o different exar'nPle' 167 A\, (i) (al,e-niol-oJ,l &r,ui oh S wi Whc)
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