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The Mines ffi'uer-oitg, aiiffiel diamond r€souro$r trsrc iiJr'pro*'J in the Kono Disfiict Nimiyama' w€re l€ss by the *et^ ;olice, who often.lack- tte,ly:=Y inErpot.* Inepgli*ffi /oo mal teil c6mmisslon assessed nJtilJ rot "oofi oo ofrcers in the district UNAMSIL and ttre Ministry ol Mineral Resources started a ioint proiect in Kono District in Jury ,oo, *,il ii,J"'iirl'Jih]idins monitorins on the sround' Militarv Observers *nOr"i"i''"n'l"tiii Jutl"V t{ether with iepresentatives of $i$3;ir,:,ff4.t""fiT'#:::':+[U*1":il]!Frfl?i!:'"flJ1:: f#$;i',-'ffi *llqn'*ffi"#$*#iTi:f 'm*r*$i; orrs r'rrPvev '-r"---- i outside of Kono District' other alluvial mining areas I I rcit buvers of f-er t'is$l,l'flL" :tHt" :: e# f*';*Il3*fHXnfli miners Decausg trrttv vvrr 1 Piio'i-rr-i"it uui"rs.2ot
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Unformatted text preview: The border areas have many ;lJlHlll";:,:i:"f". .i":iJi"iilil^iffi *:l*n,fi1::'l::,:'S'f;:f'$i"; reselling the olam.onqs-lY*"' I rrv ev'-'. .' the diamond is exported. r€venues at any stage ot the dealing process unless , bush oaths that are "t"l';;;;;i oi toio", poricing_issues. .Ory_-r:l:gn soeciilist to advise the govemmeT :'l-:,::::"f;:;"#;;;is to encouraqe #tgf,gi:i::lrui1;g3;5"*"1;'iJ;1ff #"+ntFii:.iryff.' [iif ,t+i',$ jtrs',']JaU"tl!t,"'r""U ji::"1'iJ11""1 ji:ilii$ reserr i ne the d i am o nd s g[irl :--f! -s-1*:J]:?nt:f iffi ,! :f 3"H:t #;ffi""" ",'ffll"JiJ"*;;,i'pgFlior'tne setting price soes to the ffi;f;fI;:#*"ffi #ii{'ffi l:i:iffi "lt'*llu""rm:Tf f, "f [Tx rhey must NIO , ;toacion -il iiil;;;t (n'tendment) Act' 2003'...
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