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US$ 1400 + 3OO,0OO Leones US$ 1900 + 5OO,0O0 Leones US$ 3400 + 50O,OOO Leones :u.",:1, il,_si"to.L:P:."^"li:l-"-l?lr p-ay a rot ress.than oth€rs, rhe export ticena t. 'i. iii. Siena Leonean nationals: ECOWAS citizens; Other nationals: the first hatf of 2003 and only 21.6yo b1 The solution rhe enoort trax b determined by the varue of the diamonds. The GGD. Etudor establbhes the export value of each parcet; tt"n,-"n inJJpe-nilnt varrabr sircs his own estimate. rf
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Unformatted text preview: there is a JisJrlprn"y, the GGDo uses the ligtrer estimate2ro and a I rhe tax ,"venu€ i, ". orrlil?{3% is levied on the'parcLi. rne oistriuuriJn'or i. 0.75% to cover GGDO costs of valuation and export processing i- 0.35% to the Ministry of Mineral nesouices tor nionit6ring --"'" n. 0.40% to fre indepeirdent valuator iy. 0.75% to the Community Development Fund Y. 0.75% to the oovemment treasrrrv...
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