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whire proviiion for pubric education, hearth and inftastruclurar deveropment can !:__m"9" lhlough the Communitv' Olu"foprl"t,l 3;:f,J,[:,;o"ffi :j;t#*n::,t[iFT,A:',in';;$:,iJ""Tii,T?,T; The intemationat diamond industry, ,,conflict diamonds, and the Kimberley process 'Nafural [email protected] ca erementiJ;;iffi ",';,i,a,i:;,#,'ffi ,",1"fl,ilr"Tj.",i"!:ixi,,l'!rlm,Tff regime, operatins witnin a tranipaieniiir'f,-iiil.ore regisrative airo nscarl rramework, can be ".,I?igl. sburce "r pi"JJJrtv for govemmenb and l9gptg. . without it, minerit weatth wiit'##:y"i:.,i", :lq conupt to rine irreii'bwn pocr,et "ilne fi;":J;??,i:t :tff sreedy and Nicky Oppenheimer, former CEO of De Beers22o 175- fla rtt Arfu€rp. (GSO) in London
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