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There is no system independently to monitor the implementation of th certification prooess by the respective countries. Therefore if governmenb ar not ri;orous in delivering their certificates, smuggling is liable to continue. Th certificaton applies only to the import / export sector. There is no regulation : the mining and dealing levels, leaving room for conuption and smuggling.2s It was decided at a meeting of the Kimberley Process held in South Aftic during Odober 2003 to establish a voluntary monitoring process. According t, this agreement diamond-producing countries can request independer monitoring viSib. This provision is aimed at improving the credibility of thr monitoring systems by allowing independent experts to evaluate them. So far the Congo, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Lebanon and Mauritiu ha\re Gquested such visits. While increased monitoring is a step in ttre righ diredion, these independent monitoring visits should become compulsory fc cocfries tt€t are part of the process. There is also a provision
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