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III. Function of Skeletal Muscle Activation of a muscle fiber can, in the extreme, produce either maximum force or maximum velocity. In between these extremes, a muscle fiber creates a combination of force and movement. Force related to. . .. Speed related to . . .. A. The Motor Unit t',.,! i i*, ', A motor unit is th. .lrrrglio:.ul-lrnilof, a muscle. It consists of a motor neulqn and all the muscle fibers that motor neuron innervates. fE t4l]g_U n ttrJ ipinel c;d. TE m;f m;i mi;6;'' e,i'o";xtem;msr the;GJ coxd t" ih e target i.l .,,.?, 4 i.v;' I {-i {r / muscle which may bdAfew millimeters away or a few feet away. When the axon is close
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Unformatted text preview: to-the muscle it separates many times (bifurcates) to innervate all the muscle fibers of that particular motor unit. For an average motor unit the motor neuron will innervate about 200 muscles fibers. The range is from 2-3 muscle fibers per motor unit for muscles capable of very fine movements to 2000 fibers per motor unit for large muscles that perform only gross movements. rlt,rk .;t;!ji{-p '"1."{ .f ]--l\. t)l il l. 1 "flt'*' )ri ;i .< q. j" 4r'ft...
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