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Textbook). This inverted U type relation occurs because on the left of the graph, when velocity is zero, power must be zero. As with the force-velocity curve, most of our muscle activations are well below the maximum curye illustrated in Fig. 11-5 in your Lab Manual. The peak torque gen€rated by a muscle decreases with increasing velocities of movement. Maximum power output occurs at approximately one half of maximum velocrfy and one tnlrd oI maxlmum concentnc lorce. [email protected] Textbook, Figure 5-11 on page 12. in the intact human body, the muscles act on the bones about the
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Unformatted text preview: joints to form a lever system. force is acting to rotate tle_bone around the joint. ,At aneles ffeater tla4 90 de.qrges. the magnitude of the rotatio-nal component of the muscle pull force deercases-while the magnitude of the slabjliz__rlgcomponent of the force .increases. . In summary,_fu-ee*&g are: . .4#$peed of shortening. A$The initial length of the muscle fibers. *"!. .The angle of pull of the muscle on the bony skeleton. Length - Tension Curve For An Isolated Muscle...
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