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PVrwwuusbv they lack testosterone' Recent research has revealed that men and women of all ages can increase their muscle size and strength as a result of progressive strength training' There is a great deal of variability in the responsiveness of muscles to strength training wiifrin sexJs and age groups - individual differences' Maximum strength of men and women is generaily achieved between the ages of 20 and 30 years, at the time when muscle .ror, 'Jttional area is usually the greatest' Thereafter' there is a progresslve decrease in strenih for most muscle groups due primariiy to a reduced muscte *;,h;;irlrorrg6t "d;;t;y a decrease in the total number of muscle fibers in a given *rrr"1. and a decrease in iniividual fiber size' These changes are more pronounced in the i"r,-,*i .r, fibers. These changes in muscle volume are due to a combinatio' oro""oused physicar
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Unformatted text preview: activity patterns and aging' Indirectevidence(crosssectionalstudies)indicatesthathabitualphysicalactivityslows ;;; the strength decrements with aging' Recently, muscle rehabilitation programs for weli, older populations have shown significant in"reuses in muscle 't""gtft' muscle volume' and other nary;-];'1of muscle stmcture *a n*"ti"". Si"ai.t have documented that' given an adequate trarrung stimulus, ora., *.r, urrJ *o-.r, show-similar or greater percentage strength gains compared,ovo,,,,.ginaiuidualsafteraproperlydesignedstrengthtrainingprogram' Fortheolderperson(age65-s5years),musclestrengthisamajorcomponentof successful p.rformancJin almost everfa"tivity of daity-living' It is vital to the maintenance of upright posture' watLing' going op' Td dg* stairs' and the accomplishm*, ii tt*ile tasks such as eating and dressing'...
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