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BIOMECIIANICS Biomechanics - the application of mechanical laws to living locomotor system of the human body' structures, sPecificallY to the O. I*pro,rement of sports skill techniques @. Design of sPorts equiPment Q. Prevention of injuries @. Clinicalanalysis of movement pathologies O. Design oflroglgl y1frtk @. Design of rehabilitation devices and video game movements Qualitative analysis - a o9$:n-ulngrical description of a movement based oa' d!1ecI -o,]pg{Yatio+. Conducted primarily by teachers
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Unformatted text preview: and coaches' Quantitative analysis - a mov€ment is analyzedrrumeriqa-lly based on measulements from data collected duiing the performance of the movement' Conducted by researchers' II. Levers of the Human Bodv Refer to Unit 13 in Lab Manual' We are mostlY sPeed levers' Mass-thequantityofmattercontainedinanobject.Units:kilograms(kg) Force - mass X acceleration$ Units : newtons (l'{) 1 N : (i kg) (1 m/s2) \\-eight - the amount of gravitational force exerted on a body...
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