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PULMONARY STRUCTURE AND FUNCTION It /1t (:,,. . / ,!yv I ,' , larynx, trachea, bronchi, and lungs. ,: i:" Bronchi - primary, secondary, and tertiary bronchi ---> terminal and respiratory bronchioles ---) ty.?q]* ducts ---> "tffi:,]t,, ., 4 t,li.,i . :.tI With branching, supportive cartilage is gradually replaced by smooth muscle. Contraction and relaxation of this smooth muscle constricts or dilates the bronchioles > major effects on airway resistance. The conducting airways lead inspired air to the alveoli. Volume of conducting airways: anatomic dead space (VO) - 150 mL. 1*j.v€o'li-"small, thin walled @nu, huu" "jpllgybeclgin their walls; site of gas molecule (OZ & CO2. exchange between air and blood; there are millions (300) of alveoli ,,&esFiTa* lllemb-ia4e,; u][email protected] that separate(he air molecules tl th: alveohlrom-(he blo6dln-TG capillarief- average thickness is 0.6 micrometers.
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Unformatted text preview: Fick's Law of Diffusion The respiratory membrane has a very_lglgtrurfacgqa - 70 square meters in the normal adult - size of tennis court. Lungs - contain conducting airways, alveoli. blood vessels. elastic tissue. II. Mechanics of Breathins \lolecules move from areas of high pressure or concentration to areas of low pressure or concentration. Bor-le's Larv - the pressure of a gas is inversel.v proportional to its volume. PlVl =, nv2 The movement of air into and out of the lungs results from a pressure difference betneen the pulmonary air and the atmosphere. ,;-!aspjration'- active process - diaphragm descends and external intercostal muscles contractthusincreasingthevolumeofthethoraciccavity--->'@ I. Anato Respiratory system consists of nose, ic cavitFcausing a one or two mm Hg drop in intra-alveolar pressrue at rest...
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