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IMG_0002_NEW - two pumps The right ventricle pilifrpTbi6od...

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1 .''"1 \li:., Dx A y("Yt*P>i 1- THE CIRCULATORY SYSTEM Anatomy of the CirculatorV System The circulatory system is composed of the heart, blood vessels, and blood. Function of the circulatory system - transport essential materials (oxygen, fuel molecules, hormones, etc.) throughout the body to cells where they are needed and to collect waste materials (carbon dioxide, lactic acid, urea, etc.) generated by the body's metabolic activity. Circulatory system is divided into two sections: (a) Pulmonary circuit - blood vessels going to and from the lungs (b) Systemic circuit - blood vessels going to and from the rest of the tissues of the body A. Heart The heart is a-four qbambq, muscular pump that propels blood through the blood vessels. Alnet- the two upper chambers of the heart t.&tttqgls -{the two lower chambers AF-eptT;Tdivides the left and right sides of the heart
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Unformatted text preview: ) two pumps. The right ventricle pilifrpTbi6od through the pulmonary circuit while left ventricle pumps blood through the systemic circuit. The wall of the left ventricle is thicker than the wall of the ht ventricle the systemic circula! circulation. The direction of blood flow through the heart is controlled by unidirectional valves. f{egA_lgUgg1 - valve is damaged or does not close properly ---> blood regurgitates, causmg a nolse. e I <.tt+'' u'{\, c,t-nrt"'t.u- rl The heart muscle (myocardium) is a specialized type of muscle - cardiac musdle. Unlike skeletal muscle, all of the fibers or cells in cardiac mrrscle arg enatLegrically ed - functionalsvncvtium- When one fiber co The fibers of the atria are separate from the fibers of the ventricles. Pu^r...
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