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a B. Coif.il$lf,tjon Svstem of the Heart * i-len"'t i lri-i,r-.-t.titr"{. G*c'l,t-rt1-,.tu\ The heart's inherent contractile rhyhm originates ingu_are4g{ specialized tissue locatedintheposteriorwalloftherightatrium-thdS-Anod{,[email protected] [email protected] i ,'\. Pathway of conduction of the wave of across the heart: Atrial muscle fibers ) contraction S-A node A- v- node -> A-v ouncI{e 2 IeL and ngRt oundle brancnes ? Purkinjie ; t , fibers which travel throughout the ventricular myocardium ) simultaneous ,t![-, ;'r-- ' contraction of the left and right ventricles. T p rycye q{depo_$r_4i$on is,.,delaye*d in the 4 r.epprgxjnalslx 0J$econds in order,to g_iyg lile a!ri4 _t!me to contract.S4{emp,ty lbSif*_qnfq*F-:nfaJtr'e-")'sntrii6. Diagnosing anhythmias - look atheart rate, amplitude and the EKG waveform, and time intervals. Examples of arrhythmras : a) atrral - tachycardia b) nodal - second and third degree heart blocks
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Unformatted text preview: c) ventricular - premature ventricular contraction (PVC), ventricul ar tachycardia, ventricular fi brillation Components of a norm*ffiG takd.ffiG) waveform: p. 'wave - represents atrial depolarization )€&{ wav e - repre s ents ventricular depo lari zation fT wave - represents ventricular repolarization .----- .---\ , @hyt!ryq) an irregularity in the rhythm of the heartbeat- p*-1 tr--dp!*l J'! L::-. "1| -T shapes of the components of l l 4 C. Blood Supply llo the Heart The heart muscle is supplied by two major arteries that originate from the aorta iust above the aortic valve - left coronary artery and right coronary artery. The large veins of the heart converge and empty into the right alriunr.ir:F,. ., {.r'r,rrr*+,'y O,rc*.tay;"r^ *} blr"t {"v* fft'4btls 4} tui':':it ,34fu{ ffi*,3 [email protected] lfr'{ insrJ* :-+*'dlr*...
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