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: 117 mm Hg driving pressure "b).skeletal srusrltg, rno-:soctive muscles squeeze the veins and push the blood towards the heart with the help of one-way valves ,g),,$q.qpiralo-ry.purqplddecreased pressure in thoracic cavity during inspiration ) easier,for blood to return from lower portions of body via inferior vena cava ) thoracic cavity ) right atrium of heart l E. Blood Blood is composed of specialized cells (red hlood cells, white blood cells. and platelets). suspended in a liquid{ghg9. Plasma makes up 50 to 60 Yo of blood by volume. The blood volume of the avetage adult with a normal body composition is approximately 8 Yo of body mass. Therefore, a person with a body mass of 70 kg has a blood volume of approximately 5.6 liters. Blood volume is greater for larger, more endurance trained, and altitude acclimatized people.
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Unformatted text preview: Plasma - composed of about 90 o/o watet and 10 o/o solutes. Red blood cells (erythrocytes):- biconcave discs about 7 microns in diameter- in human blood - 5 to 6 million RBC per cubic millimeter of blood- !9natoslk-thc. g;tip ,q--f the"-ypLume. o.f*,e clls-Jo- the to,tal volurne .of blq-o-d fi;;r*d ;r;i"i".ntug. * usually 38-40 % in females and 45-47 z in mates. +5 'l:- RBC's are continually being formed in red bone marrow in ends of long bones and in flat bones I t- , lElW\ l''*\ tryc'k-L- lifespan of RBC :120 aays{f.S #tlioo per second)- RBC contains hemoglobin which transports oxygen and carbon dioxide- hemoglobin is anffigqla-i1ing p1.o-tein whic! reversibly binds.with.oxy"gen.-,--, Normal values for hemoglobin: Men - L4-16 grams per 100 mL blood Women - 12-14 grams per 100 mL blood...
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