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GAS EXCHANGE AND TRANSPORT Two sites of gas exchange in the body: 1. Alveolar-capillary membrane in lung: - net diffusion of 02 from alveoli ) blood - net diffusion of COz from blood ) alveoli 'll" - ..1. ; l ', t s'/t! tt-1l,ttwt) -l tit) i. t i *ri '; ' t ins,ilt ^(vu*l*o' *'' ',,. . i,ii 1.,'.i" 2. Tissue-capillary membrance in tissues: - net diffusion of Oz from blood ) tissue - net diffusion of COr from tissue ) blood I. GAS EXCHANGE A. Partial Pressure of Gases in a Gas Mixture Partial pressure of a gas - the pressure of a gas in a gas mixfure is dependent on:
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Unformatted text preview: (1) the total (barometric) pressure, and (2) the fractional concentration of that gas For example at sea level, the total pressure of all dry ambient (atmospheric) air gases equalsT-6Q qrll Hg which equals barometric pressure Composition of dry ambient air at sea level: &-Gas Concentration oz 20.93 % Nz 79.04 % coz 0.03 % 100.00 % 760.0 mm Hg The most imporlant factor determining gas exchange is the partial pressure gradients of the gases involved. Partial Pressure .2093 X760: 159.2 mm Hg .7904X760:600.7 mm Hg .0003 X 760: 0.1 mm Hg...
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