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OSTEOLOGY AND ARTHROLOGY t: " Prolides a supporting framework for ihe body. Provides attachment points for muscles, creating a lev:l system that enables body movement. Provides protection of vital organs . B]ood.ce[ formatioq - red bone marrow produces red and white blood cells and platelets. Bone is richly supplied u'ith blood vessels. \{ineral storage - calcium and phosphorus. B. Sfrnctore of Bone See Lab \Ianual. pages l-8 to l-9 i, ;.,;, The ma,ior building blocks of bone are calcium carbonate, calcium phosphate, coll.aggn fibers, and water. Collagen is a protcin that is the main organic constiruent of connective tissue. Bone tissue is composed of widely separated cells, called ostqo-qytes, surrounded by matrix. The matrix is about 25 -9i, *-ater. 25'r/o protern, and 50 7o mineral salts. :- ';r";',' Bone is highly dynamic and is continually being remodeled in response to mechanical stress or even absence
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Unformatted text preview: of STTCSS. Longirudinal growth of a bone occurs at the epiphyseal plate, which is alayer of cartilage. The profufer4tllg cartiiage cells are gradually replaced by bone. The bones of physically active individuals tend to be denser and therefore more mineralized than those of sedentarv individuals of the same age and gender. 4,r; ;-.: '] C. Classification of Bones See Lab Manual, page 1-9 Long bones Shon bones Flat bones lrrezular bones D- }'ertebral Colum4;' {:,': Tie lenebral column provides flexible support for the-trunk and protects the spinal cord. ti. , /). \ /i- -:-1 '.'er:ebrae: 26 distinct bones- i se'rnent' - 7 cervical vertebrae t: thof?ii, verrebrae- r lumbii vertebrae _ ,i sacral vertebrae lil:,...
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