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- 4 coccygeal vertebrae i- ; {t} .i.,.t The vertebrae articufate'with one anotherby means of f,acets on the processes of the_neqlal alqhBs_(synovial jopl) *d by means of r-nten'ertelral {ne s between the vertebral bbdies (cartilaginous joint). - ,, , , , 'i ri The discs function as shoc-k absorbers and allow slight movement so that the column is flexible and resilient. [l'-'yt'! vr, Abnormal curves: l scoliosrs - an abnormal lateral curvature of the vertebral column. :- 2. Klphosis - "hump back" - an exaggerated posterior thoracic curve. i. -1. Lordosr,s - "s\m.v back" - an exaggerated anterior lumbar curve. F* Classification of Jointf See Lab \lanual. pages 7-1 to 7-4. =1. Fibrous joint - immoveable =2. Cartilagrnous jornt - slightly moveable =3. Syror-ial joint - freely moveable Sylorial fluid has two functions: r' a l Lubncates the joint surfaces as they slide over each other during
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Unformatted text preview: joint movement. b t Supplies nutrients to, and removes waste products from, the cartilage cells which have no direct blood supply. Ligament - fibrous connective tissue that connects bones together. TenJcn - fibrous connective tissue that joins muscle to bone. Bur. .a - a small sac or cavity filled with synovial fluid and located at aledonpoints, especially joints. Most bursae are i."-:ated berween tendons and bone. i",{ 1-;, :. F. Reference Planes. i r: 'r ' Ser l;'r \Ianual, pages 7-8, 7-13 t-. . Fronu] plane - divides body into anterior and posterior portions ?iJ -'ir ''' Sa-:rral piane - divides the body into right and left sides 'r '' , T:::-q';erse plane - divides the body into superior and inferior portions 7' '1 ,' i G- Tclus of Direction S- ;:: \{anual, page 7 -14 *htl[ovements; !,- Leb \Ianual. pages 7-8 to 7 -12...
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