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ib^\"lrll '- ,': olcri,Qnru,tr' O' a"US*t','',el*r^lrl, [email protected],be, rv,blUl 't L:/4 M, ,ous.(". ,,4 M;e it4 l O Al,{ rcAy ^,,t +c4e^ qt -bk nyh+ o'fu , ol "1, hrq A /v/ew,wr, fl*ltt -a/v f"lds ^ivl ,'nolex 1ryw' *ty/ +,1*l ,/ 4 k7+ Ao^"/ ' llv' Wk,$ +l*:!d, fuf lo&i, lAi nusoorc,r ,oad gr'frf^ *;e ptxaft "/*un Vk Col,len * f,,u1xd ir, '4n 4h( A6,,d *&:&rway dsca w<h ,,4,iro /*t wlt rtr-a! t?k ?*p
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Unformatted text preview: dtt +A :/e\fb{ t7 netit"i+</ -:4','a2t@"tr.4,i ry@/ A 'tfu jaa ?f +k ^hp* e/?, dfnL;tl at th{ ^fkt -e-o 'br? </t , nsT V* ,"f &k* -fu iut l4vt2r'Y, 4* 4e- Pnret-tt- is e fnul 4" ,@1^Y <" 07a al" ul';.pt"s 'vrttL-o/* d-/,14/ , eze /c,,, '.' AetUwYztnut-f. - '>+ Sea^ot .C * Jarb' t'bry , tbA ^4/ tut:t +k lfi\,f"A ,tlroyJ 'llA- nuYrgt 'o'{ *avl 44- -4- L."" 4,.a'l{h4,^/. . ag*--"ht"f-tA...
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This note was uploaded on 12/29/2011 for the course KIN 142 taught by Professor Asmundson during the Fall '09 term at Simon Fraser.

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