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ia+L+w. funtun*+a"v 7tg'4 Itnu @d Vy o ) 9t^,,ci Ev1 'l,le' ptel-n^ vilh 1o* 1b+ 6.n W 'er{u'l'ur s;dn I -oL" o"Y , sh*ltur wilt'l'u ryue ru. v. l%a^d btrn4 +" outl a,olL 4 a'yprox) ^*\ 4:tr"V '- -- : "l: : ''"i-: '- 1l,e srbjen's (4e sh""t'p( be L'e'Y tha;?tr ^h@'( at' st';lt'I b('*'l+ ' +. Rq{c) rk- y^ayinr,r^ p*il A*'Y hy 0J k'w a7Lar)otl ry w^ &rf wsl gtnte'i "solq4 , , n"g':"d%' 'ifAe'"* baek musclrz ' ril 0yn^7h<- l.9tn"t( I Kwtit"a.^ A U i V', . ,fi,t,- bw uh*n ln :. s^"h *inrlt kue 0*v fq erwld-Pd /hw' )'iFf
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Unformatted text preview: '?' 4., Iw ,;+'Lr' baok-, A^DI, r,ech- sfuh\\L ', o-tjc >t- ba*' .,/,^n ta*- S^,,1. +Aa't ryil| *-e-j;xcol R Iq dfl9 ctt -tlL Olha3)ri,+ 6te,^ lriyY S. b*' i'ot" /*t J^"f-".!q:', q,^Yl y* lv^/'s ryyw'"\ lg un hfr-.+ J^plr,l ba-'xr)Sht' , tuo/ 'ryet kHh-T W L*t< \,"- shdrW 1;Mft'- sLl,'l be- k h h)t & f*$4 ulww[ Tosi+,'n , Jq eftl'l gt7n Ohn"-q-- <l.H--4 A'kxe"l P"#- talqtnss.d' ) fet';t' '1* yq+ b"fot-orhn5 d,w^(dw qi""4LL d 4- f4(r"d w'uYia116 P*n o'5 -W sr\e'd Yl eie,nta4t'ut O...
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This note was uploaded on 12/29/2011 for the course KIN 142 taught by Professor Asmundson during the Fall '09 term at Simon Fraser.

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