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?rreh - dv6+ l,Io(!b.Al- s6J ' Je'r'l! O fla^oLs prifury '-f***rl a""l 'yos*rorteo( ,^rt n "4n st^"lt E . O 11" ubjw+ ' fil,* *f 1y, -+te ,rv\At ,4' M/Wf *f & *oq4 r a.5 4 pivaal yotlf-. . - kr*S l: , : trhe Me-t*tntnurrf * Mux,[u F-rolrara^cL 'llr,i i u il :- @lh clyw bq tQ) Pw6 Pwai"4 .,,._(ts!-U6r . ; O fu--J^-rod^. ' 4 5D kA+r, ?t, rinwt* 6n q1". rrvlttnon?-' . o Tle 5wbja+ - ftd ^ ll"J ef T *f rt-: Tl* @/ t {re}ra,l c-[u,,vt Area lW arlrTlA gu ,-blu-e +L n'il"|L +i, ii *P. n l'il Fqtl 4"t lMf "dJ, j +1' *f* 4 -atL b__s___r,-*y/z-. Q, My fu ^Aof , 4t !tuh"s ^'^d [email protected] y*,csi- tv,tnov;^ ix qntae v" & rye @\'furl'nriy 1 -tAL 1*t is rwL f,n;rfu&( . g 0n 4. re-tv'rn p/*'n*on/g , 4t- s/r^ t/nn blt"dg.5
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Unformatted text preview: A,rvt A$rl nusL ffitr.t r/,t nA+ aad -t&- fry- rtp, "f b"tl. hr^rlb nur+- -7rwh _ttq- 1e_&: @ Pe*f*a r^ ^ slu, , Con-tonUeo/' ^onnn-7 / e,.4 a- r-a+z- qp >/r *A; ^ = ,"Lane +n ffi--p'-p*, Lpy a-.( *,.,V4I*f*7,^-rT:; trn @ fl2 ap4 )s & erw'^"*4 4"-e, t ch'eytte w i /cspia c*i ) tnnoltte oh\e"n/rt >S tnahb t" nta,ah'ta), ryed alzrtz iSnAt -- I"TXhln '/ O Rp*"tl ..-=- \ teahni2ds Ner 2 it:y: dfur5,, O fire- s"+4e+ @ y. -.stei+Ax dyrttg, , to-hk s-|aru' 1" ' '.+la. r\,xv, ' ' +A.r- t'^at .:,-'F.-lhe lnnr tqt @' Advis +** 4l'N -t/,e wbwa ctiJuia.,. t :,:.:wilt tu{1 : pr@.ol -/u- n4,",,/6/.- + ^,"L!ry pLo,r,+er- J la r_et 4'e-qilfftlfiililill e Ca;,xtld h-"Tt .. ::: :...
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This note was uploaded on 12/29/2011 for the course KIN 142 taught by Professor Asmundson during the Fall '09 term at Simon Fraser.

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