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S J^,|uw -t *Y ft. P^&rol*jicra r Skelet-l ) Age ", 'D*g'l.rv*'& t '*,,1,!- +,tnu' *f ,Wua@' ot' 7na*j' essjictr+iort cA,^ be- olserrvu'( uv,( 't/"- prolrt-ssive., a*iJied P*$, "f 0'/^ "f, frAtb ce'^ be f ollwt e') @rfs+ ^^d. Ir!^^o\: moe! a*^*WJ use{ ) ' PuttAA ry The ule ,l'lur*5 Ihe yruwl(/^+ ,la,tt^picA ,,lwtn+"n , (mmths - -V*rs I 6 bleb BW .:. .: ,.tf; the Ai,*t7- 4 voh> tu a.yo I I -vLL fe nh+rArrl+rl lre'qh+ I iv'oLicltl*. Aaru(nnnwL, t Nwro,\ 6;,{> w4L ry nctr,wg
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Unformatted text preview: ) /f'h^t itelicat* Y *ryi4, , i" W A.4ol . S9v15rrq fu. I-/ ." ", i , ra !V"'lh6'L -da fL*" I tvtv+6Y ,,-lt*-tnt t frrrrcrLi n*t;.4 ,*qA M ' )r "'-: Frl+Aexoon tFe&ea* .U Seudo{qvi <ax alto'rac-tl'risdcs JA Rt*^y v"n 'fu d{ J lJu 'Tannw Itv rye at 'r 4t*f -) vlnd\ men*rohg 4 bAL"d, 1 by t bl^ilrb" To"/k* 'e1* i 4 ; ' ',' ' mattroal)onc4 CmlPtS ,l 42 a^ol xaail alnjo*re,*O t in ,bto-;L. !32': vut il ^^"), -t^. p*k- wuf+...
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