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Fa"'tl.r, 1"7tnoau,y k'r",W *t) r'ta+,-^+,tot rt- A*redu tnvrt'raL ': Hrnery gllt'*r ,a *\ ^ +""/' rvs"l+ 4 qq '(5 Nnarrtzar mA of , Toytsg f*+,rd ,: C. a lany4sb'Lt 1- E . gllu'**'Dt+iaP'r"Pxzs gwogn,Af*,.Ai"r',L O llei*+ , fislatia t'"b 1' t- @ hd1 WvY"rtt'rr furf*^ >horw S fr,T" t\u 1 ,^"tr*"ls Mvtuw\+lva AeLTs 1,r*%. . 9^Lr* lruds ildn,1 avU wo,,^t Vlzv)avel 4rYWai *10 o1" 1 DAk A- yta*'to foq7"r, o,.c,{ cti*<l llon i9 ,'l'* e o's"pla+rtott be-U*u^ Tttnnal -ttn lWaAv-rt-.
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Unformatted text preview: 4 -t/e xw4a , fn'swi*t' -t/'^r4 J ll--l/rrort 1/"/v/ -f^tfnT r^ her\/tt _ / , ,fu2 ryruiV -fo'Y+t, onl i^' ,^h-+ L xrn$+" I ^sAail't- ;'lt"r't"& \4> ]/bt 4/a^tt l' rj +rlt-t\wRe'r ^ sf"ff''V Y,tr rp,.Li,w : :.. '' tl., t i W,,aLso !/-^/.1t2 a^rt rdfu A,m1-JL , r/-'tA:!414 ,t.r)raa-l ,^--r \ at-/at",*1 P a^ )l-tt' |/'/"?-d i ;,d^t*i"1ar+.,,1 1s W La 14 nff rrlL kned.'1 1 ,[email protected]_ -t/rot4 hve J i t wury or ltwt I...
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This note was uploaded on 12/29/2011 for the course KIN 142 taught by Professor Asmundson during the Fall '09 term at Simon Fraser.

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