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IMG_NEW_0032 - The real value of somatotyping lies in its...

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SOMATOTYPE L Bodv lmaqe Body image - the picture an individual has of her own body that she forms in her mind. lndividuals assign qualities of size, shape, and attractiveness to their bodies in terms of personalized standards that may bear little relation to actual body characteristics. Some people love and parade their bodies; others are ashamed of their bodies and hide them. The primary delermin,?q!,p*of .pody ?p.,p.qgl"n9€.,3,19,_(9) !he,9rye]e41., tn1 m.usglp (c) fat, ll. The Somatotvpe The somatotype is, a.gga$!!ati-v--e desglp.tion oJ.th-e",p1,gsent structure and co mpos ition bt 1le' oiiy.''in is methoo ot'6hvsh ue' ciiSSiticattbn was devbloped by W.H. ShelOoh'in tlre"t b20's to 1950's.
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Unformatted text preview: , The real value of somatotyping lies in its contribution toward a better understanding or the individual. A. Sheldon's Somatotvpe r Sheldon designated three primary components of body build: (1) Endomorphy,l- refers to the relative predominance of soft roundness throughout the body. (2) Mesomorphf - refers to relative predominance of muscle. bone, and connective tissue. (3) Ectomorphy* refers to the relative predominance of linearity and fragility. Sheldon rated each component on a seven-point scale to indicate it's relative contribution to the total physique. This three numeral rating of a physique is called the "somatotype". First numeral = endomorphy...
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