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Second numeral = mesomorphy Third numeral = ectomorphy Most physiques are dominated by two components. 641 = mesomorphic endomorph 461 = endomorphic mesomorph 244 = mesomorph - ectomorph 333 = balanced Sheldon studied 15,000 men and identified 88 basic somatotypes. Twenty- seven of these sorrratotypes accounted for 83 % of the male populaiion. B. Male versus Female Somatotvpes On a somatoplot, the distribution of female physique types differs from the male distribution of physique types - sexual dimorphism^ Females are more.g,ndomotphic and less mgsomorg,hic than males. . 1976 - '1978 Canadian data. Refer to page in 3-18 in Laboratorv lt/lanual. Average somatotypes far males and fernales aEed
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Unformatted text preview: 15 to 60 vears: Males: J.V - J.Z -'t.V Females: 4.7 * 4.4 -2.2 There are also differences in aveleggsomatotypes among ethnic groups. C. Methods of Determininq Somatotvpes Several systems of somatotyping have been developed. The Sheldon method and the Heath-Carter method have been the most widely used. The Heath-Carter method has been extensively used on samples of athletes. ln the Heath-Carter method, the rating scale was opened at the top end, from 7 lo 12, to accommodate extreme body types. The somatotype doesn't tell you anything about a person's height, or about body proportionality - trunk length vs leg length, etc. D. Phvsical Performance and Somatotvpe...
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