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IMG_NEW_0035 - of certain hormones transport or...

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Estabrish reasonabre fatness ranges for athretes in various sports f:iJiliEflffffiilibodv composition are needed to deverop sound Knowledge of bone minerar content in women and chirdren is important. Monitor changes in body composition associated with disease. ) l. Essential Fat vs. Storaqe Fat Essentiar fat - fat that is required for normar physiorogicar functioning _ structurar components of cet r"rn,"n"s, required r5r're synthesis
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Unformatted text preview: of certain hormones, transport or fat_sotuOte'Jitlmins, etc. storage fat - fat that,is,stored in adiporfil. .-:y" for energy suppry purposes. lt .t;""nt* underneath the skin, in irri, uoo"minar cavity, lnd around certain-.ff ,"ff[: [14';""er' heavier' has a larser muscre mass, and a rower =cr reference male and female , age 20 _ 24: Storage fat - female = 15 oh _ male = 12 o/o =ssential fat - female = 12 o/o _male = 3%...
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