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l Female has sex specific fat depots in the breasts, pelvic and thigh regions, and orobacly ofier areas. 'l{kale type'obesity - excess fat is deposited on the upper torso and around the abdomen. Male type obesity appears to be associated with. lth *-; .Female type" obesity. "*""tt fat is deposited below the waist in the thighs, hips, and buttocks, i.e., Pear shaPe' weight gain and obesity occur when energy intake exceeds energy expenditure. Data from overfeeding experiments with identical twins demonstrate that some individuals are more Jt tirt than others to gain fat when energy intake surplus is maintained at the same level for everyone and when all subjects are confined to a sedentarY lifestYle. NEAT - non-exercise activity thermogenesis. lt is the energy expended by physical activities other than planned exercise - sitting, standing, walking,
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Unformatted text preview: hOieting, etc. ln a recent research study, obese participants were seated for t ol mirultes longer per day than were lean participants. Directmethods-chemicalanalysisofhumancadavers lndirect methods - noninvasive techniques used on living per$ons A. Heiqht - Weisht Tables ' Desirable weight with regard to the lowest death rates is predicted from tables that have been developed by insurance actuaries' Criticisms: (1) These tables do not consider body composition' (2) Most of the data in the 1983 Metropolitan Life lnsurance Height-weight tables comes from white, middle-class, U.S. adults aged 25 to 59 years. This is not a representative sample of the general North American PoPulation. (3) No accepted method has been devised for determining frame size' B. Bodv Densitv and Volume Measurements t...
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