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3 Density = mass/volume. Body density will vary with the amount of body fat. Use undenruater weighing or volumetry to measure body volume. ln recent years the UWW techniqu.e has begun to be replaced by air- displacement plethysmography (BOD POD method) where the subject is immersed not in water but in a closed air-filled chamber (plethysmograph). Measure the volume of air displaced inside the closed chamber. After body density has been determined using one of the above methods, use an equation, such as the equation developed by Siri, to determine percent body fat. These equations make two basic assumptions: (1) The human body has two compartments - fat and nonfat (2) Each of these compartments has densities which are known constants. Assume that fat has a density of 0.90 g/ml and nonfat a density of 1 .10 g/mL. For decades hydrostatic weighing has been used as a universal method for
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Unformatted text preview: validating skinfold caliper formulae and all other methods, i.e., it has been used as the "gold standard". Problems:- cadaver studies (Brussels cadaver study, 1984) have shown that the density of the nonfat compartment varies as a function of age, sex, and racial group. Therefore, a nonfat density value of 1.10 g/ml is not universally applicable. Conclusion - densitometry should not be used as a universal criterion for prediction of percent fat. Equations based on four component models are preferred. G. YYeiqht - Heiqht lndicies. Body Mass lqdex (BMl): uged_Aq an indicator of obesj body mEss (kgldiviilgl-by the hgigflJrytelgrs) gquar-ec This index uses the Classification system for adults (20-70 years old): BMI less than 18.5 = underweight BMI of 25.0 to 29.9 = overweight tsMl of 30 or 34.9 = obese class 1 BMI of 35 or 39.9 = obese class 2...
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