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BMI of 40 and higher = extreme obesity Recent research evidence indicates that these BMI cut-off points may need revision because the relationship between BMI and body composition, and between indices of fat distribution and the actual amount of visceral fat may differ across ethnic groups. For example, Asian populations have a higher body fat percentage at a lower BMI compared to Caucasians' The main assumption of BMI guidelines is that BMI is closely associated with body fatness and consequent morbidity and mortality. However, some individuals who are overweight are not over-fat. Criticism - BMI does not differentiate body composition. BMI of Mike Tyson = 31 The prevalence of ovenveight and obesity amongst Canadian children and adults has increased significantly in the past 20 years. From 1981 to 1996, the prevalence of obesity in children tripled from 5 oh to 15.5 %' D. Skinfold Measurements
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Unformatted text preview: 'i Read pages 4-1 to 4-2in Laboratory Manual Rationale - a relationship exists between the fat located in the depots directly beneath the skin and internal body fat and body density' T h e re a re b as i ca I I yJy.lig#g#fc to us e f atfo I d s : (1) Use the sum of a number of skinfolds as an indication of relative fatness am6ng individuals. Also cgmpare "before" and "after" in the Same individual. (2) Use fatfolds in conjunction with equations or tables to predict percent body fat. Skinfold caliper formulae to predict percent fat are site and sample specific' Assurlpt!onp-.jn, y.s.Ll.g;kjp[otd ,q.qgqremenJs to g1e!jcj.g_e. .19."9,1j (1) Constant densities in a two-compartment model (2) Proper identification of measurement site and proper measurement technique (3) Constant compressibility of the skinfold (4) Fixed adipose tissue patterning...
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