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. (5) Fixed proportion of internal to externalfat There are two types of body composition prediction equations: (t b developed from relatively small, homogeneous (age, sex, state of training, fatness) samples. Their application is limited to that subsample. Example - Sloan, Yuhasz (2 U-ryg$ developed from large, heterogeneous samples. equations have a wider application in terms of age, and fatness. However, these equations should be used cautiously with unique populations such as extremely obese individuals and professionalfootball players. Example - J.gfl5So,U.,,a,!"9*F_.9!lgqk, DS1j.g.S*W.g[J_e_[F*Le.y* P_gHF*o,_1,-W€ng"." Even when the correct equation is used and the measurements are performed correctly, prediction of percent fat from skinfold measurements
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Unformatted text preview: about 3-4 %. E. Canadian Physical Activitv. Fitness and Lifestvle Appraisal Refer to Unit 6 in Lab Manual This method requires the consif,eration of three different indicators for a comprehensive assessment andffiiffi,j (1) Body mass index r is the pubject overweight? (2) Sum oftS skinfolds 3 triceps, biceps, subscapular, iliac crest, and medial calf. ls the subject over-fat? (3)Waist girth 7 is the subject high in visceral adiposity - male type obesity? F. O-Scale System Refer to Unit 5 in Lab Manual Adiposity rating, proportional weight rating, stanine scale G. Bioelectrical lmpedance Analvsis Electrical impedance units are used to measure the electrical resistance of the body....
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  • Fall '09
  • asmundson
  • Body mass index, composition prediction equations, G. Bioelectrical lmpedance Analvsis, Yuhasz, E. Canadian Physical Activitv

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