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#Ht"?ff]'rg'i:f:i!rfo'oo'" tissue (14 - 22 o/o water)than in bone and Attach electrodes 19 tlg subject. A low,le.ver erectrical current (500 to g00 f$?il,o;Sli"H5'i: flX.,.:flJg1*,,nil;.l#t foov ri," nigi", th" The dairy fluctuations in water content from.exercise, dehydration, eating and drinking at need to oe stanJa#;," obtain oil;;ff;o"dance resurts. ocl',"#t; ilX'J:3,1ff Iffi'l* pretest guiderines in order to yierd varid estimates ll."$:1,$ ffifffitns that estimate rat rree mass are varidated usins ,:?ffiH1ll;dii to overestimate fat rnass in the rean and underestimate Must use equations specific to given populations Error
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Unformatted text preview: in percent fat estimation _ approx. 3_5 % body fat NIR is stit in the deveropmentar stages and there is much skepticism surrounding the use of NIR to "rr*toody composition Principre - the degre^e-of infrared right absorbed and refrected is rerated to the trffiH[?:tjffiffiffi:.ti"faiuensities "i" ii"#vierated to \v ! v The biceps is the best singre site for estimating body fat using this method. l. Other procedures ' ?f;:;:fl:lJ,;?g,Tfil"#;.ry- widerv used ror perrormins bone . Total body water _ hydrometry Ultrasound Magnetic resonance imaging Com puterized tomography Total body potassium 2 3 .t \,) a...
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