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C. Puberty - Males vs. Females puberty - refers to the period at which the testes, prostate gland, and seminal vesicles or the breasts, uterus and vagina, suddenly enlarge' This is the time of greatest sex differentiation since the early intra-uterine months - sexual dimorphism. There are changes in reproductive organs and secondary sex characteristics, in body size and shape, and in relative proportions of muscle, fat, and bone. Studies conducted in the USA have indicated that there are no differences in various stages of pubertal development in African American boys and white boys' However, these studies have shown a significant difference between African American girls and white girls at every stage of development' Menarche - refers to the onset of menstruation. It occurs relatively late in puberty The average age of occurrence in North America is 12.8 - 13.0 years in white girls and l2.Zto tZ.S years in African American girls. There is a standard deviation of plus or minus one year. The 95 percent range is
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