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r this purpose because, in this region, there is a large number of centers of ossification. At every chronological age up to $LEatuqty, the radiological of that of boys by a factor of abou{SFryrit or more. '#, ,A.9*, 1'tl1 i age of girls is in advance - i ,, . ,r, - i .,,. The ieel@us_dgllition erupts fro-ggqqht to tpJrcarsaf age and can be used during that period. The pj$gggrrt deqJltion provides a measure from six to 13 ye-Ars of age. r" Skeletal maturity and dental maturity are not closely related in the individual. #* #,ffi s9 The timing of the pegKheigbl,vglogly and the pgab. vrel€blrrelg-cily_are useful maturity indicators. :**ggg,1;gg!.+ :nL, The secondary sex chqI4,c]g4llics can be used as a method of rating maturational derre of stages in,Bubrq har dey€laprrrqrll stages itr -b-feasl dgyglapnasst, and stages ofg$13!9gyggp{n9n1. These indicators have limited ' applicability over the growth span, in contrast to skeletal maturation, which
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Unformatted text preview: can be monitored from infancy inte,y,3gng adulthood. "J:i'j': " The "Tanner" stages of sexual maturity are used as the universal standard for classifying sexual maturity. tllit: ,": The age at which fiSUarcheoccurs is an important indicator of maturation status in f lfI:t+ {yeirsftnan to Efiro-ffigrcal age (10 - 16 years). ;{$:.$q$,$gq: t In spite of the large size of the central neryous systan at birth, much of it is incompletely functional and requires considerable time to develop to the stage at which it can be fully utilized. .,.,,.-: - i.'i I @s thoughout the phase of motor and seorosadgyqlAp-laetf::.on the irril*e",m-;@9"frt*J;EtErrrb-Lq4dgt "*ti. ., and are ahead in the use elqg1rqqiry$_Tt "9l@ They are also first rn the developmenJ of stills wfriih-need' fine rtrove!.negts-an-d eo-ordinatron, such as tylng bows. VI. Early and Late Maturing Children...
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