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Five types of skeletal development have been recognized. (1) Average children (2) Early maturers - tall in childhood but not as adults (3) Early maturers and genetically tall (4)Late maturers - small in childhood, average as adults (5) Late maturers and genetically short There is good evidence that, in European and North Amencan school systems, children who are physically advanced towards maturity score, on average, slighily higher on most tests of mental ability than children of the same age who are less physicutty Lutor". I! is very likely that mental and psychological development-are rnuch,more.-c-lo*ggly relatld wilh gadiological age than with chronolqgical.,age Mesomorphic boys, on average, tend to mature earlier than others and have an early adolescent growth spurt. Late maturing boys are greatly handicapped in competition with early maturing boys. Late maturing boys may be deselected from age-class sports too early, while early maturing boys may develop unrealistic expectations
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Unformatted text preview: and have difficulty adjusting to their loss of sports advantage when their late maturing peers catch up. A-Cwredc hntrnu -e, N$trttAvn c. ft;ub"l T,vrdb 2. -fuam d Ct;t,'at.L VII. Factors Influencing Growth and Maturation. A. Genetie Control* L. ?ifierwq fu,teta Fau+ Both genetic and environmental factors influence growth, and the progress of any given child is the result of a complex interaction of many different factois. Studies of twins have shown that body shape and size, deposition of fat, and pattems of growth are all more closely related to nature than to nurfure. Heredity affects ,=B; Ff*ffi*m + @ChildrensubjectedtoanepisodeofacutestarvationrecoVer more or less completelv orovided that the adverse conditinns Ar"- nA+ r^^. carrara -^A A^ more or less compFtely provided that the adverse conditions are not too.severe and do not last too long....
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