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Adult size is affected by a less severe level of under-nutrition than adult body proportion (i.e., leg length versus trunk length, etc.) ' E X,nr.ffiA -[-idi] ''' 1, Between 1880 and 1950, the average height of American and West European children between the ages of five and seven years increased by more than 1/2 inchper decade for a total of more than four inches. JEikhn-are now Browing faster and stopping growing \-grlir&- There has been an upward trend in adult hei e since 1880. In Western European countries, tlie ?vgrag,e aee of menarche decreased.from 16 years in 1880 to 13 years in 1960. The causes of these trends are probably multiple - better nutrition, lessening of disease, some degree of dominance of height genes? During the past 20 years, these trends in industrialized countries towards increased lreight, etc. have been gradually stopping. - ffw siffi.r and the avera gnnlral tgmperature of the arejr where thev livg q1'frorq Wlich lhqy in-historical
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Unformatted text preview: _tfoqg$-The long limbs of the African enable him to lose more heat per unit volume than the European, and the thick-set body and short limbs of the northern Asiatic are similarly adaptive in Arctic regions. Contrary to popular opinion, climate has, at most, a very minor effect on age of menarche. People living in tropical countries frequently have a late menarche because their nutritional status is low. Studies done on West European children indicate that season of the year may exert a considerable influence on velocity of growth. children faster in height in ine and summer than in autumn and winter. ffffifAain:*iffifm--mg; 'aulumn tEglgjPnn-s: r*bffic*s,#,.t9fii$+,, si,i Populations differ in their average adult size and their tempo of growth as well as their shape. Consider three population soups - European, African, and Asiatic ' t------\.-*-__-a (:i.,i' Height - Asiatic bovs and eirls are;ho4*e,1...
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