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E\"{Lf .{TION OF PITYSICAL FITNESS A- Components of Health-Related Phvsical tr'itness 4{ Cardiorespratory endurance - aerobic power -3!Strength ?i \ Iu-scular Endurance 43Fleribiliry' -51 Bodf'Composition I ': '1 t l t -,,\;l\ 1 B. Obiectives of Phvsical Fitness Testing l. To assess the status of individuals entering a program. 2. To aid in prescnbing or limiting activity of certain individuals. 3. To evaluate an individual's progress. 4- To increase individual motivation for entering and adhering to an exercise program. 5. To evaiuate the success ofa program in achieving its objectives. C. Medical Clearance and Human Rights The subject's human rights are respected - Informed Consent Fonn. The subject is given a thorough explanation of the purpose of the test, possible risks, bengfitEetc.- -;* -. - t.'v^t^[email protected] I Aaurag ', z.Rohahl*+U q. 1rfurnS D. Characteristics of a Good Phvsical FitnessTest i ^r - -, . J : ,? !!ie"+^"i! b.Etonorq Measurement error makes the observed value of a measure differ ftom the-liire value.' " J
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