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-_ fr'f, L I *; &nnm'rn"s:"rr:. i:ciJ-d ix n-sidly controlled - standard instructions to the subjects, standard practice or rri ,,ml-tlu ;r-:n;;,*:s- -qaliard order of test items and recovery times between items, standard environmental l,lmmram,;lri r*; :::=riiiry'. and standard equipment and equipment calibration procedures. :l;:ii* :-:rr ::s.:=3 a hrgh prohciency of coordination and reaction should be tested before any tests that may ::.uu** :rtau :ii,lecrease performance. r rLLrirtuJ - ,h. t* teslers apree on the scorins of tests. To optimize obiectivitv. it :i.-15:. ..:rrail@scoT-rrre-gsystem,andifpossible'onedeSignatedtester. {- Acrrracy - -lmeasure of how q_lgs",g.grylt is to the "true" value. The accuracy with which things are nces are perce the precision of the measuring -{.i measuring instruments have their limitations. S1:tematic errors - errors that systematically shift the measurements in one direction away from the true ','alue. They can be caused by instrumentation errors or by
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