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Fasciculi may run parallel to long axis of muscle (great range of motion, little strength) or insert diagonally into a tendon running the length of the muscle (small range of motion, greater strength). 1. Unipennate - all fasciculi insert on one side of a tendon - semimembranosus 2. Bipennate - fasciculi insert on both sides of tendon - rectus femoris 3. Multipennate - convergence of several tendons - deltoid 4. Longitudinal (strap) - fasciculi run parallel to the long axis of the muscle - sartodus, rectus abdominus 5. Radiate - fibers fan out from a single attachment - pectoralis major C. Muscle Actions Most movements require the cooperative action of several muscles functioning as a group. 1. Prime mover - a muscle whose contraction is primarily responsible for a particular movement. Most movements are the result of the contraction of more than one muscle,
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Unformatted text preview: and frequently a single muscle contributes to the production of two or more movements. 2. Antagonist - muscles that oppose one another upon contraction - biceps and triceps. Antagonists are located on opposite sides of a joint. 3. Fixators/stabilizers - muscles that immobrhze a bone or joint near the origin of the prime mover so that the prime mover can act more efficiently. II. Structure of Skeletal Muscle '*:€pss,'An#omv g .1 '1i. . I Tendons are extensions of connective tissue membranes beyond the end of the muscle. Origin - less movable end of a muscle, usually proximal.--:r Insertion - more movable end of a muscle, usually distal. Belll- - widest portion of a muscle, between its origin and insertion. $elfmuscles insert on bone. Most of the muscles controlling facial expression originate from bone and insert in the skin....
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