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Dr Mc's Philosophy 001 Office hours: First Midterm ln class time in this room: (1101) Part Notes, Week 5#[email protected] It will cover the text up to along with any lecture material presented (Proviso-if things are clarified they were presented then.) Five Sections: in later lectures, that doesn't mean Sample Section 1:TlF Being coloured is a sufficient condition for being red. The following two claims are contraries: a) Everybody in this class has a winter coat. b) Somebody in this class doesn't have a winter coat. It is not possible
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Unformatted text preview: to believe a false proposition. Sample Section 2 Which of the following, when substituted for the underlined blank space, renders the following sentence one that expresses a true statement? "Having all true premises and being valid is _ for being a deductively strong argument". A. a necessary but not a sufficient condition B. a sufficient but not a necessary condition C. both a necessary and a sufficient condition D. neither a necessary nor a sufficient condition 'I I0l001week5#2part @...
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