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E. F. G. lf an argument is valid, its conclusion is A. B. c. D. valid true not in conflict with p reasonable to believe well-formed more than one of the above none of the above. Sample Section 3: choose ALL AND ONLY the correct responses. Two marks if completely correct; minus one for each error of commission or omission (down to zero). The word "February" _. A. Starts with an "F". B. Rhymes with "baboon". c. contains one token of the 6th letter of the alphabet. D. has more letters than the word "test" E. none of the above. lf an argument is defeated for
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Unformatted text preview: a person, it follows that: A the premises are not reasonabre for the person to accept B. the argument has a false conclusion C. the person is unreasonable D. the argument is not valid E. the argument is not ill-formed F. none ofthe above. ln the case of every pair of statements that are in conflict, it is true that _: A. they cannot both be true B. they are both false C. they can both be false D. if one is false, the other is true E. Dr Mc believes them both F. none ofthe above o J 11010o1wek5#2part @...
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