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Sample Section 4: Assign variables, display. the pattern in standard form, assess for validity. Since only lunatics are philosophers, and Dr Mc is a lunatic, it follows that she's a philosoPher. lf l'm late, I'll be in big trouble, since if I'm late, l'll disrupt the class, and if I disrupt the class, I'll be in big trouble. Reconstructing an argument ls an argument being
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Unformatted text preview: Presented?-is the passage-is the passage-is the passage Presenting as opposed to an argument? We will return to this. lf you think an argument is presented, you can try to reconstruct it. Figure out what the (given) are: a) is and what the b) indicators: indicators: Sample Section 5 in a moment Put what is given into standard form. 11010O1w€ks#2part O...
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