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v. '71.n t\I'f< gtnrt y Ll SU ,_11 This is Va'hJ (as we,ll see) but it is not b4- v[iA 0rpP4 Yt" vvhitl. 1. E *! swMt l,vs Sar'n l4s be,o.rt 2. ft(l tuoYns M brMIL We cannot what is provided by the premises 'rk$Om fTh" .on.lusion oL, Ir?/+"tl \- lf certain n"[email protected], itcan bea dvw4 e ftbrn. f g,v _,_vr, i. vsr, "o, _o.____=f_ The one l'm about to have will be great. What sorts of factors are relgvant in this example?
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Unformatted text preview: - t'Jrv'4tu ,4*lva o,dwsl at! sota +Ii 4 i"-- yl&+itn liy, *ntd at- tlt ga^t-u -0h2' ly s ga",r- bl<) W monl -U,et qwttvo lzun A/vtt,- lr* 4 Sfu '$t l-o*t +u Y, v4e4r/* 1/k ,re- t pec . Cogentargtrments are n^r^rol)0rilla Determining cogency solely on the l" .. "f 1"-, iS ,tet, pvsilda-1101001wk4#1pat O...
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