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IMG_0002_NEW_0002 - composed of and connectives They each...

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Back to We are going to use Types of sentences used' t. flJ 5 r'v| 2. frJo S o"tu f 3. fuit I o'L P 4' SN 5 a,{1, rwt P rnJlr""^r'-')-*'fltn"' statements 'in s+mlatd fr"^ ' aL^ Note that they are noi aYlyX sentences
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Unformatted text preview: composed of and connectives. They each start wilh :-*;;g/wtttiiw ' but removing it leaves a'\ iMppf'loto .<P ^ o-'and two are " tvT*<'tvo " A+tm C 9.r/,1nL% Two of these sentences are " >-+....
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