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', l/^NU\tu\P and two are not-we call them t.v fne Slhiert term in each sentence is the one c[pse,gt +.e +l\!- qha,/tt/)1;Vf u The Aptio LL term in each sentence is 4e "+W 6ne Every categorical syllogism nas orae+h +w Wu,art1erS oaal a* cgv'e'hi"a A term is ot;s+nb"v d i.n a categorical statement if and only if the
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Unformatted text preview: -statement iw\o+ <r^&n*+ aM' &- p r re"&w >f +)* &S r*w4 +o A The drfrb,&al,terms ^r" it g,bierb in ,/rrivuao"l, turrt!^re| ^na fla+ +!/trvt _v-4t OnsLu'elt i^ y1affi&L Sa^+!nu$ ne ;o(tLo fiurm of an argument is the term that Tlem ivt fuh in 4k e,nulrqs,vt 1 101001week l#lpart @...
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