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)su P 1 t/niwv,/ h[J4 luVavt fted,'cau - / 4{( $)ove V -2.N, @6"/Q-e, 3: h,a5m. f a -g"n I cne .x @ The Four Rules 1) .2l {id '3) -Ja'hlt 4 s 4t t rt-o{4k +!.+t4 Sorl+ >( se-rtt'r,a h o/;1/z,at+ St'tXt,l6e5 t/t t 1f.r4 f,*(Uf 0- c^tl o-- P% A= drfrt l.NoAweb -.A14c*aB 3.Mc ft ureC' )/ ,r) -u'/' v)*c g/ +Yrn, 15 A- 3bMI^1+4 g= arby> Some students are employees. Some employeeg are employees are pvenruorked. wt ilit4b'ntw+ itN Pl't'J ' So, some C - Athr,t'r*eL iu'f4 ). S"^-a. g ovfa- C x- /.1s 3 >vr,/- A A,r(- C . Some dogs are cats, since some cats weigh more than '10 lbs. and some things that weigh more than 10 lbs. "t" O,on?;* B *rt- c_. rJ *i,\r r,"-rt hhc,r, [o tbs 3 !"#'o ffou 7)>'( c ) Since all vegetables have nutrients and some things with
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Unformatted text preview: B'cY9 g,4^14 4'" r) D: o 4x(O) ii,,, expensive. some vegetablexre expensive. A=vr4ttc"bit lALl 06rL B r) ;=='ff,J'io ry' ^twl!'riu) 7)x'(q) D= nqfuiuu 4"t,6 3 e\-e. A ^4e L The number of negative premises must equal trhe' nwnbVrel neT4,tttg Cm'Lt'rggts Every term ,fishth+tro{ln tnu conclusion must be /-" Latd in t}" (lwt*tsu5 4l lf the conctusion is ,- V"'rt\u'{cuf f?s91il1 , then exacily one premise must be 7ftl;le rne r d/'U' term must oe d.Unlt,oud at least once. rve need to know: r<;ulr* !r 01,a.<m{,ott /rtAttt ttd 1 No dogs are cats. 2 All pets are cats. 3. No dogs are pets. v*it students are overworked. I 5q^!- A aN- B 1101C31\'ee<.*';aa:...
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