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o Can we put a C"n/^:UrLJ into categorical form? - S^u;,,*t, /os ( S**+,ly * a- "/g /41'04, r$ a naa*'tna/ Whether that's a q"nd. ifua av r-t< depends on the rest of the argument. - Consider the following two claims: (assume I exist) O V Nc ovuns A vtu14 (aa) + fic- d'e's rr*, vwYl ^ vh-A Could they be. true at the same time? NJo They are " [email protected]_' or incrngixutt' 0 h I'tUs oil orrz/ tU vtu/t t3 at4 tarye-. (ii) ft f<r,s 0v/- a"v'/ "nU u*t B a'tl Tv^ ln 4h'o{
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Unformatted text preview: ? (Ask-bould they both be tmo at the same time?) Mo , Coufd they both Oe -(rl.so_at the same time? 7"s lf a pair of propositions could not both le -brt,e,but coutd h+rt b" -fo*, , they a7s knzr*ri(A ln the first example? lf a pair of propositions could not hdt be+rr"<-, but they also could not heh be 4arln , they are-T Mttt-o/,icttoriU (i) W t4o lv* " &! (ia) fV Mc ha+ a ca!, Contraries, contradictories, or not in conflict? 1lo1qr*@e...
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