IMG_0002_NEW_0008 - and if something is a persimmon then it's a zucchinl.^ vr<"*lr c*t'B Aol-Q ut B Dr 2 ftL f h" c,41 ^42-L)r ftq A

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t * How do we test for ua/,/,A Z - 1n SWg.*)oJ, , we oln4L &*n and compare itto atf al/*s Or we em', al,tplry and see if we can construct an argument t- of 4rt Sra^x Na{t that has fle F+n'tset *d or*, orr*o'- lf we can, then what? l-t't lf we cannot, then what? inuo"Lrol, Problem- ;Ls q -S/gpnrno -ell e,bfu Pno( 4":ll.' abd t*,r 4w- lffiurrS Lorrt^4'n/n, 4oa 1 Determining validily inv frud)cea- ? Use the fflr- B4,Ar4 carv,/t+;va/s tF4, t'- (or display the pattern and come up with an example of the same iw hrer/ a - psrTrar)Z -e/,L n^/A ("rv/ /4^, f^^, & use As,.) only persimm on" ^r{ffi^Y{tnnall zucchinis are perishable 4-- Iu)innons
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Unformatted text preview: and if something is a persimmon, then it's a zucchinl,, .^ vr< ", *lr( c *t-' 'B /' Aol -Q ut- B Dr. . 2. ftL{ f h"- c ). ,41,/ @ ^42-L. ,)r' ftq A 3'+<-3 ailq A a:r-w 3)x A^lrj A a.n- B ). Atl U*-e- a , sb Socrates is mortal, since he's a man. tj ,*, o form ui b=Ydtu\tuF C = zUcclur*9 iZft E tl,a 7a*orn f, las['"irha'l efl All men are mortal, B= ryUl-+t:ry C [email protected] ariable assignment? Remember-we are not using 'x' as a v*viah\--fv cq,. We needa otnursA nowt -r [email protected] >.Aq OnuA D,f g"t z)/ +)/ fi - fit{/ll 6 = noml -$"I4 L= *y iatli*'t +r' souro*t't, V aL^d 11OlCDl€?tl4dte...
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