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IMG_0002_NEW_0009 - worrds z-tB t9 h r J ^lort.nl tnist Dr...

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office hours announcemenf i.r ^rr^, rtrl vou accept its conclusion? lf you know that an argument is valid' should you acc€ 'l'f ffi t**t-\t "'ii"ri,,,ff" 5" X$ or ar r p ossib re wo rrd s s. tlr* is +*t tutt 4 il fftt i:'E€ig:,;i#i"ffi",:i,",f iliie best or arr possibre
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Unformatted text preview: worrds z -tB t9 h{ r J ^lort .nl tnist Dr Mc's Philosophy 001 ({{0{) Part Notes' Week 5#{ @ ? iT t:;--r)"ir$t*l 6d ol'w N t'rist' . -c4t :u,o/t to accePt them both' ,no,'rAA?'s "T::: f '. [Yl'io?t iilJ ffi"-ttion of one rs R is not rationalto the other'...
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