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IMG_0002_NEW_0010 - (ii all its prYmises are\ruu ln formal...

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1 . lf there are exactly 13 people in this room now, everybody in 001 this term will oet.an A. ' ,.jw tua'.ovslt'J B s 4W ih"oot D*t& h -el* Vwm bd . -bl"i A"n o,1L 8e+ e^ A This is r/r''.' ls it a deductively strong argument for you? Are alldeductively strong arguments also deductively sound? - tJo r M v\n'r,#ft IvL 6r/ tlls,n o bslr'c'w tulx, K^rn'aiV An argument's have reason to believe. Are all deductively sound arguments also deductively strong? / ej^,ruv, is inalns {etuL of what we know or believe Svwrql0rhj I - Vo, *Qneh ,lryerwLf o^ Uiolsnct' An argument's depending upon what ;An argument is 'uv/.rr"< 'J4 'q'',//w|,. if and only if (i) it is 'optttand
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Unformatted text preview: (ii) all its prYmises are -\ruu ln formal logic, "soundness" refers only to 2*m,4A the notion here.--dzdueg,a P*rrl nus. but we the argument is premises, and L ihe argument is n ' elitsud 4 the person's total for a person if and only if M.3#h argument is (i) (iD (iiD it is evidence.-+o bstr-t^tU all the argument's Recall: the truth of the premises of a cogent argument y'no' *A ArAtrnAflr: the truth of its conclusion. J You might have information that, when yo, Aobl i+ to the argument, makes it vllrtv4ryal'.lo to accept the conclusion. @ -> coy,e / inl.cc,ut . J., (/^PA / Calt Je,q b ,On/ z 11010Olwek5#'lpart @...
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