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Unformatted text preview: On this understandins, this is this a +qlrL S^ai+^^Li +alL 6,rad'*ttwtfuits foritscoW ln a frtt'u antecedent is conditional, what relationship is there between the -do we take the truth of the consequent to be sufficient for the truth of the antecedent? Could he aWtll'rltfu k--fnU, but the antecedent not be true? lf I weigh more than 200 lbs, then I weigh more than 100 lbs. The conditional the hntW*fn But -l* orAAftSFIh What rf I is -Arue' is not a I rl , and so is the is not true. nut/+firt4 conatiirytfor the truth of the_lb:as4fiaV .-, ru& 4h vtorv -tl,ut mt bs 7 cannot .Ttre r*W\rt is a lery% ,condition for,the m4e'W ln the case of a true conditional, if the consequentis fwLt,nt?neither is the A^[email protected]%rft/ True orfalse? F lf I am taller than 5 feet, then I am taller than 6 feet. lf I am not taller than 6 feet, then I am not taller than 5 feet. F lf I am taller than 6 feet, then I'm taller than 5 feet. lf I'm not taller than 5 feet, then I'm not taller than 6 feet. .T lf my house is green, then my house is coloured. not green, then i not c ? lf my house iis coloured, then mtyishouse oloured. lf my house s is green. lf my house is not coloured, then it is not green. My house is green onlv if it is coloured. My house is coloured only if it is green. house is green, it's not coloured. Unbss my house is coloured, it's not green. T + 1 101001week5#1part @ ...
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